Sleeping Cool in Summer - 5 Cool Tips To Sleep Well in Warm Weather.

Sleeping Cool in Summers - 5 Cool Tips To Sleep Well in Warm Weather.

We wish to convert our houses into freezers this time around without thinking much about our energy bill ripping off next quarter.

So, if you want to wake up less cranky, well-rested, putting up less blame on global warming, here are these best tips to look forward to having some quality time dozing off with your bed in Australian Summers.

Bedding Material for Summers:

Bedding Material for Summers:

Let's begin with the basics first. 

Unarguably, Summer bedding is easy to find in stores around Australia—breathable because it is essential to have a correct material composition in your sheets that would feel fresh against your skin to achieve that goodnight sleep that you are daydreaming off. So, the question is, what type of bedding sheet.

Bedding Material for Summers:
  • Material is the golden rule—breathable and lightweight, which don't trap in heat.
  • Layer up less.
  • Fitted sheet combo with pillowcases is the best trend in summer too.
  • Cotton, Linen and Bamboo fibres are the best choices for staying cool at night to pass more air through.
Pillow Talk:

Pillow Talk:

The body is sometimes more heated, mainly in the head. To prevent sweating and slither while sleeping at night, the best is to use the right kind of pillow to help regulate that heat.

Pillows like gel, feather filled pillows or memory foam allows airflow to ventilate, generating less heat in the pad through body temperatures. So no more flipping pillows through the night.

Choose the right pillow for the mild temperature at night to allow goodnight sleep.

Hybrid Mattress:

Hybrid Mattress:

Yes! It's a fact that covers make you snuggly, but in summers, it's a bane!

Hybrid Mattress

Gel-infused and hybrid/ Bamboo mattresses are the way to go with your choices for summers to avoid sweat-stained, unhygienic nighttime. Investing in high-quality mattresses can save you from sleepless nights around the year in any weather, reaching the ideal temperature for the best sleep.

 ideal temperature for the best sleep.

Australian-made breathable natural latex and gel-filled mattresses can stabilise the body temperature even on hotter nights! Jump into our mattress section and choose the best suited for your comfortable summer nights backed with GECA, 10 - year guarantee.

Close your Blinds

Close your Blinds:

A quick tip is to keep your blinds closed for passive cooling. It's essential to invest in blackout curtains to have a better shield against sunlight pouring into your room.

Chill out before tucking in:

Chill out before tucking in

Try to stay away from warm drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolates in the summertime, especially before you plan to sleep. Instead, get your hands on vegetables and fruits and put them in a fridge to be cold enough to enjoy hot weather. To keep body temperatures refreshing, try coconut water, watermelons, cool cucumber, and mint lemonade are the best-recommended food and drinks to try.

best-recommended food and drinks to try.

Taking a cool shower before bed also aids a restful night sleep and brings the body into a much-relaxed state. If you still feel hot, try a damp cloth or ice pack to your backside of the neck’s pressure point, underarms and legs to suck up all head and body heat, preventing a disruptive sleep at night.

 Tips To Sleep Well in Warm Weather.

Now a peaceful hibernation can be pulled off even in Summers.

If you follow the tips above, there would be no poking out your feet in the middle of the night out for a cool, risking foot monster under your bed! These tips will add the right amount of temperature for those balmy nights you want to get rid of this summer.

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