5 Faqs When Buying A Bedhead?

Are you a secret bead-head whisper? Who knows the inside out on how to "Buy a bedhead". It is the most significant piece in your bedroom, so make sure you buy headboard that gives an oomph to your room. 

The days when you buy headboard displayed in the shops are long gone, but now is the time to return home perplexed by the plethora to buy a king-size headboard.
When you go to select your desired bedhead always imagine how it will look in your bedroom.

With so many different options, it can be challenging to know where to start.So, buckle up to buy a bedhead of your choice. 

Q1. Should I consider my bedroom height when I am about to buy a bedhead? 

The answer is yes; bedroom height and bedhead go hand in hand as you want a bedhead touching the ceiling (jokingly). If you have a small bedroom, it is best to consider an adjustable bed frame with headboard as you can move it according to your bedroom height. There is also an option to remove the bed head and attach the bed against the wall in an adjustable bed frame with headboard. How cool is that, right? 

There is an assertive luxury about having an upholstered bed frame king-sized. Imagine having a vast velvet upholstered bed frame king sized bed; it would look fabulous in the room, but it cant be made according to your room size, considering the height of your room. Let's not get carried away, but yes, coming back to the question, height is essential to measure before you decide to buy king size headboard.  

Q2. What fabric or material should I go for when deciding to buy a bedhead?

There is a diverse pool of bed head materials you can dig into and create something unique and stylish. It is always safer to buy wooden headboard as it gives the essence of simplicity yet elegance. 

When we talk about the material, it's just the bedhead material, but it's the fabric if you want to go for an upholstered bed frame king sized headboard. Velvet is a standard fabric; many clients have preconceived ideas about its usage. However, velvet comes in various textures, and when it comes to using velvet as a queen bed frame with headboard fabric, there are some questions you need to answer. 

  • Who is using the bedroom?
  • Is there direct sunlight in the room?
  • Can you easily clean the fabric?

If the answer is yes to these questions then we approve you to buy king size headboard and velvet as a fabric. 

Q3. Which headboard style should I go for in my bedroom?

headboard style
headboard style
headboard style

Now that you know what to look for when you buy a bedhead fabric let's talk about different styles of bed heads. The type depends on the size of your bed. For example, a full size bed frame with headboard will have plenty of room for designing, so, conveniently, you should go for intricate geometric patterns or a monochromatic look. 

Biscuit tufting is also a widespread yet elegant design. The biscuit tufting bedhead would look great if you opt it for twin bed frame with headboard. The fabrics that usually go with these beds are linen and wool. The unique part about this bedhead is that you can customize them into any material and colour you like. 

Straight lines with gold detailing are a modem; minimalistic silhouette pares down to the basics yet has a lot to offer in terms of styling. A king bed frame with headboard would look tremendous in this bed head type. 

Q4. How do I clean my bedhead?

When deciding to buy a bedhead, it comes with a self-evident question of how to maintain it? Most fabrics are durable and have longevity, but keeping your bedhead dust-free is essential. A queen bed frame with headboard is easier to clean as it's compact. 

Velvet upholstered bed frame king size bedhead is easily cleaned by using a suction vacuum cleaner, which will ensure the fabric doesn't get torn along the process. Instead, use a lint roller on the queen platform bed frame with headboard to keep it dust-free. 

Q5. Best place to buy headboard?

There are plenty of places online where you can go and look to buy a bedhead with reasonable pricing. Billy's bed, an Australian based company, which offers bed, bedheads and bedroom furniture. 

They have a variety of options to choose from. You can go to their website and place an order to buy queen headboard, select your fabric and voila, your bedhead will be delivered to your doorsteps; how cool is that? They are the best place to buy headboard and you can order a sample from their website to see how it looks and feels.





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