6 Essential Tips on Buying a Bed - Your Sleep Matters!

We all know how important the decision is to buying a suitable bed is for your well being. It stands to reason why it's essential to understand what elements go into purchasing a good bed. A disturbed night sleep on the wrong bed is a morning disaster, leading to a fateful, unproductive day with sore muscles and a bad back. The right bed can play a vital role in providing a retreat from a tiring day. 

Let's check out our 6 essential tips on buying a bed to help you find the right bed type for your bedroom space.

Do the Analysis:
  1. Do the Analysis:

Before deciding to purchase a new bed, it's vital to ask some basic questions.

Start by asking,

  • Are you waking up with sore back/muscles or headaches? If Yes, is it my bed or my poor lifestyle?
  • Do you hear any squeaks or noises?
  • Is your bed eight years or older?

If you face the problems mentioned above, you are in dire need to change your bed.

Check the Dimensions:
  1. Check the Dimensions:

Does your room have the space for the size of the bed you are choosing to take home? To take into account the right fit for the room, always take measurements before buying a bed.

If you plan to improve your space options, then Gas lift beds, or drawer beds with storage would be a great choice. 

If you have a master bedroom with a ton of space, you must see if a super king with generous proportions for the family can do them justice, filling the space and giving extra room.

Make it Multipurpose:
  1. Make it Multipurpose:

If storage is an issue then try making your space multifunctional by choosing a storage bed for your bedroom. Who wouldn't like a bed that can serve other purposes aside from providing a comfortable sleep? Storage ottoman beds or the Gas lift beds make it possible to offer multiple ways to utilise the space. Giving you plenty of options to store your stuff conveniently instead of stuffing it all in the small wardrobe. A gas lift bed with hidden storage underneath helps get rid of the stacks of clothes lying around the room, allowing you to keep things tidy and clutter-free.

One Size Fits All: is it a myth?
  1. One Size Fits All: is it a myth? 

One size bed for all is a myth; it varies depending on body weight and build. If you are sharing a bed, take each individual's weight, height and comfort into account and test it out. Carefully pair your bed with a suitable headboard to make a statement and add character to your room. Firm bed bases assess the physical issues and needs of your partner as well. As some may feel a firm bed ensures sound sleep, others may like to go for a softer feel to snooze off. Explore your options together.

In a decent-sized room, we recommend customers buy a Queen or King size bed/mattress. Even if you are a single sleeper, it offers plenty of space and especially works best for couples.

Let it Sync in with your bedroom theme:
  1. Let it Sync in with your bedroom theme:

It is essential to form an idea beforehand of what you need.

Make sure that you are visualising the right statement bed for your bedroom theme. To make it look just right inside your room, the bed, its shape, and colour should be coinciding well with your concept of interior design and also the colour of your bedroom walls. To add a little character a headboard is a must. You can explore a variety of upholstered headboards in an extensive range of colours to match your walls from Billy's Beds here.

  1. Look for Authentic Sellers/Reliable Brand:

Since we are now flooded with online sellers, we need to shift our awareness as attentive buyers. If you are willing to spend $$$$$$ on better sleep products, you should undergo in-depth research for a reliable brand.

To buy a bed, you look for longevity and comfort. Let's not get excited by the attractive offers and price ranges offering poor quality in return. There are lots of styles, designs and qualities available online, but let's not get excited with oozing varieties. It's essential to review comments from authentic buyers and consider the brand ratings before you get your hands on your mouse moving forward, clicking and paying for one.

So for a suggestion, pave your way to the laptop to do some research about the stores before purchasing a bed or mattress. 

Look for Authentic Sellers/Reliable Brand:

Before you start looking around to explore your options for a new bed, to save your time and energy wandering around from site to site, consider visiting Billy's Beds.  

Carefully manufactured for many years of comfort and style, Billy’s Beds offer a wide range of Australian made upholstered bases, gas lift storage beds, drawer beds, and elegantly crafted headboards to pair up with a range of quality mattresses . Not only that but many unique colour palettes are available for you to explore. Create a statement with a twist with Billy's Beds.

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