Best Summer Fabrics for Home Design - For Your Home to beat the heat.

Summer Fabrics for Home Design


Summer calls for the replacement of all the heavy fabrics with breathable ones. The fabric's breathability hinges on the fabrics’ structure, material, and weight.

To maintain the calm milieu at home in summers, one needs to organise their furniture decor with weather-appropriate fabrics for home design.

Usually, some closely knitted fabrics are not suitable for hot weather. However, loose knitted weaves will allow much more breathability through the material.

Are you thinking of reupholstering your furniture? Here are a few ideas from Billy's Bed to help inspire you to create the right look for your home this summer.

1. Cotton: 

Without a second thought, cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics. Soft, durable, fluffy, and lightweight cotton fabric is ideal for hot weather. 

Cotton knits are made perfectly to allow proper air circulation that makes them breathable.

The material is inexpensive and easy to find in the market. Multiple varieties are available in textile with various colours and patterns for your curtains to slipcovers. It's indeed an excellent choice for throw blankets or sheets as it comes with a handy textile option.

How to wash: Cotton textile is an easy wash straight into washing machines.


2. Fresco: 

The high twist yarn with an open weave of the Fresco makes it ideal for summer. 

Al Fresco is a beautifully textured and luxurious woven fabric that provides a cozy yet stylish look to your home. Al Fresco is perfect if you need a contemporary design.

How to wash: It is recommended to vacuum clean or damp clean it with a microfibre cloth to maintain the appearance of this fabric. Do not machine wash or dry clean the Fresco.


3. Linen: 

Linen comes in smooth texture and helps alleviate the scorching heat with its lightweight and soft flowy feel. 

The great thing about this fabric is it goes well all year long and won't need a switch in any other weather conditions. It doesn't trap heat, making it the best choice for a bed sheet or blanket. Flowy linen curtains look great on windows in summer, too, due to their breathability they will serve you well during warm afternoons.

How to wash: It can be machine washed, dry cleaned, hand-washed, or steam cleaned. 

Rayon/ Viscose

4. Rayon/ Viscose:  

Rayon was first developed to mimic silk, cotton and linen, and can be solid and durable but is susceptible to wrinkles. Advancements in the manufacturing of rayon fabric from wood pulp have turned it into suitable material. 

Semi-natural fabric, Viscose, is the most used version of rayon. It is used in home furnishing because of its comfort, absorbency and economic properties. 

It needs proper care to increase its life span. 

How to wash: It is recommended to only dry clean due to its stretchy property when wet can affect its overall appearance.

Rayon/ Viscose

Fabric is an essential part of providing comfort and the elegant feel, the look you need for your furniture. From sheets to couches to the window treatments to reduce heating depending on the weather.

Light and cool shades of colours are closely associated with the sunshine and warm weather, so as per the trend, they are an excellent way to decorate your space for the season. 

Certain fabrics do a much better job than others at providing a cool atmosphere, so you want to be thoughtful when choosing summer fabrics for your home.

Let your practical needs lead you the suitable standard warm-weather fabrics.

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