Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Many inexpensive renovation ideas will turn your dreams into reality, no matter how big or small they are. We all favour budget-friendly transformations that may increase the value of your home and make you feel more comfortable. It's all about making the most of your living space by upgrading to a more efficient shower, installing a skylight to save energy, or repairing Victorian hall tiles. 

We have listed the best 11 budget-friendly suggestions to transform your house into your dream home.

New Countertops - Kitchen

Cabinets, countertops, and fixtures can amount to a five-figure kitchen renovation. If your cabinets are in good shape, you may change one of the hardest working surfaces in your home and upgrade countertops at a relatively low cost. If you have less space to cover, the renovation cost will be lower, allowing you to select a more expensive material. Ask your local stone and tile company about remnants or seconds to save even more money. 

New Countertops - Kitchen

Change the Backsplash - Kitchen

Freshening up a kitchen by swapping out a dull backsplash for one that offers a pop of pattern or colour is an excellent way to spice up a kitchen and enhance its visual appeal. Installing a backsplash provides the most protection, such as behind a range or near a sink. It is another cost-effective alternative to revamp the kitchen look. There are a variety of tiles, stones, glass, ceramic, and beaded boards that you can use to create the right match for your budget.  

Upgrade Doors & Cabinets - Kitchen

If you want to refresh your home while keeping your budget in mind, look for ways to use the area to suit your needs. Old cabinets can be revitalised using paint, wallpaper, peel-and-stick wood products, or corbels. Adding corbels below cabinets or under floating shelves creates a classic, built-in appearance. Additionally, you can remove cabinet doors to easily access the higher cabinets without adding new shelving. 

Upgrade Doors & Cabinets - Kitchen

Add a Faux Island - Kitchen

Stand-alone tables or cabinets are a cost-effective addition to an island-less kitchen. You can simply add rolling casters so you can manoeuvre the piece wherever you want. The more extras you include (for example, a cabinet with drawers), the more costly it will be, so if you aim to bring a change in a super low budget, then add a simple table. Unless you already have a decent table sitting unused that you're prepared to turn into an island.

Update Flooring- Living Room

You can give your living room a budget-friendly underfoot upgrade by peel-and-stick flooring options that are pretty thin enough that you don't have to remove the existing flooring. Even if the floor must be taken off because you just can't stand it any longer, a new floor can be a long-lasting project that, on its own, isn't too expensive. You may also save money on labour by installing your own DIY solutions.

Update Flooring- Living Room 

Change Window Treatments - Living Room

A new fabric, colour, or a combination of the two may refresh a living room by upgrading the windows. There are plenty of sew-it-yourself options that you can use to hide the old windows. To save money, try to reuse the existing curtain rods and rings.

Install Dimmer Light Switch - Living Room

If overhead lighting is limited in your home, you may struggle to achieve the right balance of light. Sometimes it is more difficult to achieve balance in older homes with fewer switch outlets for floor and side lamps. You can easily and quickly install a dimmer light switch, which can help you keep the bright light while accomplishing tasks and lower the light to make it more comfortable. You can increase the brightness while writing and go down a notch when you want to relax. 

Wallpaper an Accent Wall - Bathroom

The bathroom is usually the most ignored space in the house when it comes to revamping. Wallpaper can be a spectacular addition to the bathroom. Even for beginners, wallpaper DIYs have become super convenient, which makes it an excellent project for a home renovation on a budget. With wallpaper, you can add different colours and patterns in a snap, and of course, you can install it only on one wall to make it stand out. However, if you're not ready to tackle wallpapering yet, try temporary, peel-and-stick wallpaper. You can remove it and change your design preferences without trying out a new design trend. 

Wallpaper an Accent Wall - Bathroom

Swap Out Hardware - Bathroom

Bathroom cabinets can get a new look by making changes in the hardware. Find styles from the same family (for example, small knobs for doors or long pulls for drawers) or mix and match different finishes to create an eclectic look. Consider adding backplates if your current knobs allow for a more shapely flair.

Update Safety - Bathroom

In a usual scenario, towel bars and toilet paper holders get the least attention while renovating the home, but these overlooked accessories can make your bathroom safer. Sanitaryware companies now manufacture ADA-compliant towel bars and similar accessories, which can safely be used to grab. So whoever uses the bathroom in the future, you or your family, it's a worthwhile and valuable investment.

Make Exciting Additions to Your Walls or Ceiling -Bedroom

You don't have to own a hoard of power tools to bring change to your bedroom's ceiling. There are other simple and easy ways, like trimming or adding wainscoting to bedroom ceilings or walls. You can create the illusion of wainscoting by applying trim or lumber to a wall in the shape of an outline and then painting the wall and trim to create a connection. It looks classy, yet it doesn't cost a lot. You may further save on your renovation budget by finishing the piece yourself rather than relying on prefinished millwork. 

Make Exciting Additions to Your Walls or Ceiling - Bedroom

Bottom Line

Changing the look of your home can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health, as well as your home's atmosphere. There are many inexpensive ways to refresh any home during the summer months. From bathrooms to kitchens to living rooms and beyond, things can always be done to help make a house feel more like home. Visit Billy’s beds for more exciting tips and inspiration.

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