HOT DOG: 6 Essentials to keep your Dog cool this Summer

This Summer, hold on to your woofers! The heat is stretching out right in front of you and your furry friends; they need that extra care and pampering to keep them cool and comfortable in this scorcher! As always, summer is not easing upon us at all, and it’s hard to beat 45 degrees, as the weather bloke said

HOT DOG: 6 Essentials to keep your Dog cool this Summer

Although summer is the time to enjoy in a country like Australia, offering the great outdoors from the beach to the bush, summer can surely bring some hazards and health issues to our pets. A little bit of pre-prep and knowledge would help keep your puppy calm and healthy. Get your hands on these little tips below.

  • Take Your Dog for a WALK in the morning -Walk, don't run!

Changing the summer routine prevents them from dehydrating or burning their paws to avoid sun exposure too much. Keeping the walk schedules for your dogs off the hottest parts of the day prevents them from getting dehydrated and from burning their little paws on the roads. 

Take Your Dog for a WALK in the morning -Walk, don't run!

The 5 seconds rule is the key to checking the ground for heat; remember their body feels extra heat than you because of the fur. If it’s hot for you, then it’s too hot for the dog.

  • Water to Play and drink:

Make sure your fluffy mate has access to water. Dogs love to play in pools, or sprinklers are also an option to keep them cool. 

Water to Play and drink:

It’s wise to have multiple sources of water available for them to drink as well.

If they usually have a single bowl to lick water from, the summer tip would be to keep multiple bowls in different places around the house to avoid any dehydration.

Water to Play and drink:
  • Shade and Cool Spot to Lie down:

Try keeping the house spots cool for them with air conditioning, extra fans or open windows. 

Shade and Cool Spot to Lie down:

It is recommended in high temperatures to offer your dogs ice packs, or use cooling mats for them in their little pooch beds.

Shade and Cool Spot to Lie down:

You can also save space for your woofer in one of the open drawers in the storage drawer bed. It's not only an excellent Diy for tiny homes, but it also ensures they are around you at night. You can also search for summer beds with elevated features to keep that extra airflow to your panting dog.

Shade and Cool Spot to Lie down:
  • Never leave your pet in a car alone.

Be wary of your car’s temperature, which is hotter than the outside environment even on cooler days. If you are habitual of taking your dog along on every trip with you, then follow the tips: 

Never leave your pet in a car alone.
  • Keep the air-con on even when the car is parked. 
  • Never park the vehicle in direct exposure to sunlight. 
  • Keep checking your dog from time to time for any signs of heatstroke, such as panting or discomfort etc.
  • Use a Cooling Collar or vest

There are unique options available out there for your pets. Cooling collars and vests are two of them, similar to cooling mats. 

Use a Cooling Collar or vest

They are designed especially to keep your dog’s furry body cool for up to a few hours as it is filled with cooling gel inside—an excellent Tip for hiking trips or walking days with your dogs.

  • Keep dogs groomed
Keep dogs groomed

Regular grooming visits would be great in summer to keep them cool. If you have a furry Dog, then this summer tip can save your dog from heatstroke by just following up on a regular trim. 

However, most dogs with thick furs naturally shed some hair to keep a lighter coat against the weather. Just as we like to keep our hair cut or tied up in knots in summer.

Summer is indeed here, and the temperatures are climbing, overheating can cause significant damage to our pets, such as severe heat stroke or organ failure. We all love our pets and want to keep them safe, and these handy little tips can help keep the fluff cool this summer.

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