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Introducing - The Timmy the Gas Lift Storage Bed

At Billy’s Beds, we love all animals, great and small. This means one thing we simply cannot stand is animal cruelty. However, we make an exception when it comes to killing two birds with one stone.

One of the most difficult compromises we’ve all made is balancing the size of our bed against the amount of storage space in our bedroom. This trade-off can be particularly unpalatable, especially when we’re forced to sacrifice bed space to make room for storage. But what if there was a way to maximise both bedroom storage space and the size of our bed? And what if this could be done stylishly yet affordably?



Introducing the Timmy Gas Lift bed base. This godsend of a bed is the solution to the perennial bedroom storage dilemma. Prior to the advent of this beauty, a bed was about as useful for storage as muddy paws are for clean carpets. Sure, some beds have floor space underneath, and there’s nothing wrong with chucking a bunch of stuff under the bed – out of sight, out of mind. BUT! Good luck finding something when you need it. 

The Timmy Gas Lift allows you to boast the biggest of beds without having to worry about where the rest of your belongings will be stored. It does this by providing a storage area underneath the mattress. This area is easy to access, as the Timmy’s gas lift function makes the process both effortless and a joy to behold. The storage area is a spacious expanse of possibility. Here, all manner of household belongings can be stored, making room elsewhere in the house for more important things.



The Timmy bed base also makes finding stored belongings a breeze, as all items become visible once the gas lift hoists the mattress out of the way. After you’ve found what you were looking for, restoring the bed back to its original position is just as easy.

The Timmy Gas Lift is the perfect option for homes where space is at a premium. We love the Timmy particularly for its efficient use of valuable bedroom space. Gone will be the days of hurling your belongings up onto the top shelf of the wardrobe, or stashing stuff under the bed never to be seen again.


Possibly our favourite thing about the Timmy is its ability to conceal stored items beneath its remarkably elegant exterior. For a bed this stylish, it’s hard to believe the amount of storage space it boasts beneath. The beauty of the Timmy lies in its dual-purpose design. Bedtime can now be a stress-free experience, with no more clutter and mess. The Timmy combines practicality, efficiency, and elegance to produce a bed base like no other. 

Finally, if there’s one family member who we know will enjoy the Timmy, it’s the mischievous family pet. Those furry little rascals will be the first to explore the nooks and crannies of this bed base. The Timmy Gas Lift is the perfect option for the entire family – pets included. If you’re someone who enjoys a game of hide and seek with your pets, the Timmy Gas Lift is the bed for you.