Tips- How to Declutter Your Bedroom for an Organized life.

When decorating our bedrooms as per the trends and latest interiors, we too dream of building an ambience around our own space that satisfies the inspiration we extract from these exceptional concepts. 

But are we able to maintain the look? Are we prepared to manage and organise clutter? Which brings mental and emotional baggage. Think Again!

After all, the space that we are getting all inspired by is eventually to encourage quality atmosphere, one wants to see.

Whether it is a condo, a master bedroom, a tiny space for a room, a Loft or a colossal bungalow, all need maintenance through organising and decluttering the stuff we throw here and there while walking around in the house.

Clutter is anything that creates an untidy and overfilled with an insurmountable number of new, sentimental keepsakes, held on to objects bought through uncontrolled consumer impulses.

Of course, that stuff is not pleasant to the eyes or benefits our mental health and precious time.

The best selling book (2014) The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing-that led to the popular Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo for a reason. 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:

So many people live in physical clutter, which can lead to unhappiness, stress and even depression.

Clutter is linked to chronic stress, anxiety and depression: women who live in cluttered homes found to have higher cortisol levels, a stress hormone, in their bodies, a study by UCLA revealed in 2020.

Research shows our physical environments significantly influence our emotional health, behaviours, cognition, and subsequent behaviours with others. So It’s not just intruding on the eye view, and it’s also intruding on the thought process.

Since it is well determined how unhealthy the clutter is, let’s begin talking about the ways that can help us declutter our bedrooms, encouraging organised living space. Be prepared to say goodbye to a few unused items on your way to organising.

Start with the things out in the open:

There is no point building up mountains by dragging things out from the cupboards and under the bed.

Look around, and you won’t be disappointed to find lots of things. Either on the bed, side tables, vanity chair now loaded with clothes and handbags hanging on it, and your dresser all over the place. 

Start with the things out in the open:

Maybe a glance at the floor will also keep you motivated on the go, saving you from stumbling upon something ending up breaking your beautiful front teeth. Oops! Just the thought hurts so much. Make separate piles for each, whatever you decide to keep, continue to love and use, stuff you are ready to say goodbye to and donate or sell on Amazon. Also, keep your vacuum handy for floor cleaning.

Start with the things out in the open:

Get a Hamper:

A laundry basket or a hamper, some may call it, is essential to be kept in the corner of your room for dirty laundry.

Get a Hamper:

The look at the basket can give you a heads up during the week to make time out for laundry.

Get a Hamper:

Time to Organise the Closet:

Nothing can beat the overwhelming feeling you get, knowing you have a clean, organised wardrobe to yourself. Out of all the other needed tasks this one requires a lot of time to get done.

Planning is the key. Firstly, plan out your week dividing the task based on the time you can invest in organising your messy wardrobe. Weekends are the best time to dedicate to this chore if you have really decided to be on the journey to be organised.

Then when you finally are ready to start the drill start by casting off. Salvation army stores are the best to make a move, for your room and good soul both to be satisfied.

Moving on to hanging the items purposefully, based on priority, arrange your tops on one side and skirts and scarfs on the other. 

Boots and shoes are the space’s common intruders, making it look stuffed; consider buying a shoe organiser. 

Time to Organise the Closet:

Clarity-Under the Bed:

Anything that is pushed under the bed never sees the light of the day again! Isn’t that true?

It is best to think strategically - Try thinking of the stuff that can go in an organised way under the bed, like winter clothing, textiles, warm blankets based on weather.

Zip up bags come in handy for this kind of organising around the house like one in the picture above, Or simply the storage bed with drawers can make your life easier.

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Clarity-Under the Bed:

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start and that feeling is a motivation and mood killer. But the steps and the tips provided above for decluttering your bedroom will help you skip the thought and get into organising the stuff around instantly.

Also, remember you don't want to exhaust yourself in organising in one day. Divide and rule each day could be the method you would like to follow. Decluttering is not a one day task; it’s an ongoing journey, a process, a strategic move towards organised living. As soon as you embrace the journey, you will enjoy giving your bedroom a refreshed look!.

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