Top Storage Beds to Consider for Your Small Space

What’s your relationship like with your room? 

Are you the one who likes the chaotic and topsy-turvey bedroom look or like most people on earth, with no exception, who are more into marshalled -right in place look?

When it comes to storage space for things like sheets and blankets to books and extra shoes, you have a bucket load of everything but not an ounce of space to store it, therefore, there is when your room ends up looking like a “ Dog’s Breakfast.”  

Storage beds can:

  1. Provides space
  2. Helps you organize 
  3. Replaces extra wardrobe in a room
  4. Save extra expense.

This is why our storage beds offer more than just a comfy night’s sleep; they also provide that extra storage space you’ve been dreaming about.

Storage Bed sets remove any messy room excuses with huge drawers to maximise the room in your room.

So Upholstered Australian made Storage beds are the best options serving us as Personalized Home Genies.

Gas Lift bed with Double storage drawers and ample under space.

Types of Storage Beds To Consider For Minimalist Look:

  • Gas Lift Storage Bed:
  • With the minimalist trend, new ways to increase storage space to avoid clutter are being invented. The best storage innovation to date is Gas Lift beds. These beds have incorporated storage space below the mattress. The gas mechanism makes life easy for busy people as it lifts with little to no effort. 

    Gas Lift Storage bed with incorporated underneath storage space.

    Having two gas struts on each end to avoid any injuries and keeping the mattress intact makes less work for you.

  • Storage Beds with Drawers: 
  • For individuals looking to keep all of their belongings in a neat little space, a storage bed with drawers is an ideal option. As the storage space is not all too big, you can certainly use them for smaller, folded up items. For instance, clothes, cushions, pillowcases etc can be folded neatly to utilize each drawer.

    Storage Drawers for your linen stored folded nicely.

    If you have kids, storage bed drawers are also perfect for them to store all of their toys, books and games that are lying around. It is also an excellent way to encourage them to keep things neat and tidy, and show them the magic of a clean bedroom!

    Hurling your belongings up onto the top shelf of the garage or wardrobe which is a hassle to reach without your tall husband being at home, or stashing stuff under the bed never to be seen again! Storage bed is the answer to all such complexities.  

    These beautiful, sleek- streamlined designs can make a difference in your small room. Storage beds are well constructed to provide better storage options without taking up much foot space in the room.


    Billy’s Bed is the right online platform to surf your time over the internet, searching for options that can well utilise the space and look creative at the same time.

    Billy’s Review from the client.

    Maxwell's 4 Drawer Bed Base - Seafoam

    PERFECT! Love this bed! It’s beautiful to look at but is also sturdy and well constructed. And the under bed storage is discrete and can store so much. Highly recommend this bed!.

    There are many options packed with space-saving - a style that stows away while you sleep!

    Australian Crafted Beds - Rating - 5 stars.

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