Wall Paint Colors To Make Your Small Room Look Spacious

What should one do with a wish to have a bigger room? But budget might also be an issue. 

Do you know that small rooms can still look bigger without pushing the wall inches away, literally without giving a dent in your pocket? Yes, it's true! Simply painting the wall with the right colour can help eliminate the claustrophobic and closed in feel of the room. 

Take a look around your room, and you will probably be able to pick the odd combination of the walls, the vibe, the type of energy it brings to you and the character of the room itself. 

Whether you want to add energy to a dull room or calm a hectic one, or simply increase the visual experience of your tiny space, colours can be a game-changer, playing a lead to add all of it at once. 

Let the soul become dyed with the colours of its thoughts. Learn which paint colours can help? 

"Lighter hues can open up a small space, while darker colours give the perception that the surfaces are closer than they are," says Debbie Zimmer.

It's no secret that white adds visual expansion to any room, but the white syndrome is still a sad-looking room. There are tons of variants that we can choose from our colour palette for an instant more immense look. 

Let's find out the top 7 wall paint colours to give your small room a big treat.

Let's find out the top 7 wall paint colours to give your small room a big treat

Earthy Ochre: 

The best eye pleasers for cramped up small rooms work with both the natural contours of the space and the available natural light to provide a visual transformation. Earthy Ochre is one of those deep, warm shades that creates a calm environment. Its light tan colour compliments the natural sunlight streaming through the windows by increasing the room's dimensions, which suggests there is more space than there actually is.

Earthy Ochre

Blush Pink: 

For a brighter cheery feel, soft colour like blush pink looks terrific at sunset, with those last yellow setting hues sneaking through your windows. Compliments best with light neutral sand and warm beige and ivory tones. Blush pink is an elegant, modern, feminine colour and works best in west-facing rooms.

Blush Pink


Not willing to go entirely white? Yet want to stick to neutrals? Light taupe or greige can help you make a choice that can't go wrong with making a space feel large and elegant. Allows light to bounce off with an added touch of warmth with which a truly bright white will lack. Use this colour with a touch of architectural detailing to give that grand stature.


Pale blue: 

To add a soft touch with an overall soothing calmer aura to a room, you can't go wrong with pale blue. These Pales are so modest to work their way to make your room look larger. Ideally, used in combination with a soft and light ceiling and doors and mouldings, this colour will make your room seem even more extensive than ever.

Power of Dark Blue: 

How can we not indulge in making a stately, impressionable,vivid dramatic wall? With its transformative power, dark blue creates a strong statement-talking of accent walls in small rooms, leaving us with the best place to make an impact and give character to the lonely small space. 

Going blue-rich with a wall is a bold step to take for a romantic and cozy ambience. Accent walls with the right combinations can help lift the mood and are bold enough to distract from the lack of space.

Power of Dark Blue

Light green: 

Looking for a sleep oasis?? Green is the way to go. The hues of light & soft sea green is the most trending, eye-soothing, vibrant shade, which adds a modern contemporary touch to a room, sharing a minimalistic vibe. It pairs perfectly with wooden furniture, adding an earthy tone. Green is nature's colour, and it brings calmness and endurance, yet freshens up the space in just no time. 

Light green paired with whites works best for the optical illusion to make the room look spacious.

Charcoal Black

Charcoal Black:

This colour will give your room some punch to look great with a dramatic twist against the more traditional woes of whites or boring beiges. The choice of dark charcoal grey will make your room look elegant and sophisticated, regardless of the fancy or casual fittings used in the room.

The charcoal hue will give an intimate feel with an appearance of grandeur. A quick tip on grey walls is to cover your ceilings and trims in the same shade to provide a twilight feel. 

To decipher the right colour options for your small room, one needs to know the language of colours. Visualise what you are creating …. a contemporary edge or a vivid drama? Colours can help open up a space. Test several at once to see which one works best with the other colours at play in the room.

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