5 Reasons why Adjustable Bed Bases are Worth the Money

A goodnight's sleep is a blessing that some people struggle to enjoy. Lack of sleep can drain the pleasure from your days. A perfect bed and a good mattress can solve all your sleep problems. 

We have got you covered! Try sleeping on an adjustable bed base, and you wouldn't want to leave your bed. The bed frame for adjustable base can adjust according to your sleeping position. The best part is that it is very comfortable and has many health benefits. 

The best health benefit would be it's very comfortable; imagine watching tv with an adjustable bed base is a combination of comfort and entertainment. 

Let's look at why the best adjustable bed for the money is worth it or not?

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5 Reasons why Adjustable Bed Bases are Worth the Money

Reduce Back Pain with Motion Comfort Adjustable Bed

It may seem obvious that a comfortable bed promotes a goodnight's sleep. With discomfort sleep comes chronic back and neck pain. But all that can change with an adjustable slatted bed base when you can raise your head and foot of your bed. With an elevated bed, there will be less pressure on your spine, and you will be a lot more relaxed. 

Tips for Relieving Back Pain with an Adjustable Bed Base 

  • For lower back pain: Try elevating the adjustable slatted bed base 45 degrees to relieve compression and reduce aches. 
  • For upper back and neck pain: Elevating your head helps provide supportive sleep and replace the need for pillows accordingly. 
  • For overall pain: Raising the foot of the adjustable bed base will remove pressure from the spine. For an even better position, try zero-g when both legs and head elevates.

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Alleviates Snoring

Have you ever woken up from your snoring? (it happens, believe us) Your partner's sleep is probably being interrupted too. Whether the snoring is caused by asthma or sleep apnea, we can fix it. With an electric adjustable bed base you can elevate your head which can help to open your airways; this means better breathing and less snoring. Combining an electric adjustable bed base and top-class mattress can drastically change how you sleep. 

Lessens Acid Reflux and Heartburn 

Lessens Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Acid reflux is a common health condition that produces a burning sensation in your chest. It occurs when your stomach acid flows back into the esophagus and your throat. An adjustable bed base king size solves your problem and promises a comfortable sleep. Position your adjustable slatted bed base to zero gravity, which means elevating your head and foot; this will keep your stomach acids from irritating your chest and throat. Getting rid of acid reflux while sleeping is a blessing; thanks to the motion comfort adjustable bed, it is much easier now. 

Enhances Circulation

Keep your body's circulation system in prime condition throughout the night, improving your breathing and sleep. With the help of a bed frame for adjustable base you fine-tune your sleeping position to reduce pressure, allowing blood to flow to the heart and throughout the rest of the body. 

Eases Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome is a neurological sleep disorder when there is a need to move your legs while at rest and is a known cause of poor sleep. A motion comfort adjustable bed can make it go away by adjusting a few settings according to your preference. You can lift the foot of the bed to make sure your legs are relaxed, and blood circulation flow is good enough.

There are many reasons to convince yourself that adjustable beds good for you and your health. The cost of adjustable bed is a bit high considering all the settings they provide for you to have a comfortable sleep. You can look at it as an investment in yourself. The adjustable bed base is advanced and flexible to mould itself according to your needs. 

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