Australia's Top Kids Beds (in 2022)

There comes a time in your life when you are ready to move your toddler from crib to their bed. The best kid's beds will tie together a room, match your home decor style, and safely accommodate the needs of your little one.

Purchasing a bed that your child will fall in love with is an achievement itself. It helps encourage them to go to bed on their own and set a bedtime routine. There are certain things on the list you should look for when choosing the right bed for your child. Let's get into them:

Things to look at when you are buying a bed for your child?

Many parents are not sure what to look for when they purchase the bed for their toddlers. It should match the theme of the room and at the same time have all the safety feature requirements as well.

  1. Safety: A bed for toddlers requires protection as they can easily toss and turn while sleeping. When looking for a bed for them, make sure they have a safety railing on the side. You can always purchase side railings and attach them to the bed.
  2. Longevity: When choosing a bed for their toddlers, you have to make sure it lasts a long few years or more. Look for something sturdy and stable.
  3. Character bed: Toddlers and kids love their beds made up of their favorite characters. It decorates the room and gives it a nice warm feeling.
  4. Weight limit of the kids: Make sure the bed is feasible and can support your child's weight. 
  5. Non toxic paint and finish: The bed should be finished with non-toxic paint, not irritating your child with harsh chemicals. 

Best beds for kids in 2022

  • Bunk bed 
  • The beauty of a bunk bed is that it can accommodate two children in one bed simultaneously. These beds can be separated as your toddlers are grown out of them.

  • White Wooden House Single Bed
  • Several stylish and inexpensive options are available, creating a chic and playful bedroom with smooth curves and soft pop colours. This bed is kid-friendly, and toddlers will love a stylish bed where they can spend the nights in.

  • Super Speed Racing Car Single Bed
  • Toddlers and little kids love if their beds are shaped by their imaginative character i,e cartoon or race car shaped. This bed is whimsical, well-made for tots who love cars. 

    Buying a funky bed like this would encourage toddlers to move to their bedrooms quickly and joyfully. 

  • Light Oak Galway Bed With Storage
  • This bed is available in king and single size and is perfect for toddlers. The storage options give you choices to store your toddlers favorite toys right next to them. The bed looks like a perfect fit with any room decor and a safe option for toddlers. 

  • Single Princess beds
  • Princess themed bed is a perfect choice for girl toddlers. The pink and white colour of the bed looks astonishing and pleasing to the eye. The bed is low leveled, so it makes your little ones climb the bed quickly.


    It's a tough decision to make when choosing a bed for your little one as they are growing and will want their own space. You have to make sure you purchase the ideal bed for them. Consider the bed's longevity, and opting for a single king bed could be the most practical pick for your kid's bedroom. Consider a single bed if they have extra space available in the room you would like to utilize for a playing area.

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