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Although the bedroom is regarded as one of the most vital rooms of your house it is usually overlooked in favour of your home's more public spaces.

To get more attention towards your bedroom it is essential to have an attractive piece in your bed space. 

Let the bed head do the talking of your room! An attractive bed head in the bedroom can really light up the room and give it a luxurious look. 

If you are looking for some ideas, think of a bedhead to elevate the spirit of your bedroom. Here are our favourite picks and our top ways to enhance your bedroom.

The simplicity and style of this bedhead makes it perfect for any scenario. Its versatility and adaptability allows it to work well in any bedroom. It is plain, sophisticated and can be styled in a variety of colours. The fabric can be chosen according to your preference and can be ordered online to check the quality. 

The luxury and uniqueness of this bedhead makes it an exquisite choice for your bedroom. The Luke is available as a bed head only, or it can be purchased with a slatted base, or with a four-drawer base. It is made from Warwick Fabrics’ Vegas range. 

The luke is also available in a variety of colours to choose from and the drawer base is excellent for having extra space for your belongings. 

Belinda is a comfy bed head where you can crash in the end. The bed base is also available with drawers as well. The winged design creates a sense of enclosure, while plush cushioning creates an inviting atmosphere. With its vertical lines and protective wings, the Alison bedhead creates the perfect environment to relax in chic style.

The design of the Ian bed head truly incorporates the wow factor. Its buttoned appearance evokes feelings of luxury and grandeur. Inspired by the sleepiest Labrador of them all, this bed head is the perfect blend of style and comfort. The bulgy texture provides a soft backrest that is guaranteed to lull you into a deep slumber.

Harry bedhead is an exquisite design with a unique factor that looks astonishing in your bedroom. From its soft textures to its smooth studs and from its button-lined border to the meticulously embellished design in the corner — this bedhead has been intricately and elegantly crafted. 


In a spacious bedroom, a tall bedhead can be exciting. Nevertheless, using a tall bedhead in a smaller room may make the room feel smaller than it really is. If you want to select the perfect-fit bedhead for your bedroom, select one that praise the size of your room.

The bedhead should be chosen based on the size and height of your bed, ofcourse. Our bedheads are available for a super king,  king, queen, double, king single, and single beds.

All these beds are available as a bedhead only, and most can be purchased with a slatted base or a four-drawer base. Like all our products, these bedheads are made to order in Australia.

Following are the measurements for more ease

Bedhead only measurements

Double - 1200mm high x 1450mm wide x 130mm deep

Queen - 1200mm high x 1600mm wide x 130mm deep

King - 1200mm high x 1900mm wide x 130mm deep

Super King - 1200mm high x 2100mm wide x 130mm deep

Bedhead with slat base measurements

Double - 1200mm high x 1450mm wide x 2100mm long

Queen - 1200mm high x 1600mm wide x 2250mm long

King - 1200mm high x 1900mm wide x 2250mm long

Super King - 1200mm high x 2100mm wide x 2250mm long

4 drawer base measurements

Double - 380mm high x 1370mm wide x 1870mm long

Queen - 380mm high x 1530mm wide x 2050mm long

King - 380mm high x 1830mm wide x 2050mm long

Super King - 380mm high x 2030mm wide x 2050mm long

Need more help choosing the right bedhead?

Spruce up your old bedroom style with a new bedhead from Billy's Beds! We offer a full range of exciting bedroom options to transform your home.

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