Five essential steps towards decorating your child’s bedroom (age 3-5)

A childs room ideas should be practical and contemporary, and you are in the right place for the perfect inspiration. A child cannot express their desires and aspirations, so it is up to the parents to design their little munchkins room.

Decorating your child's bedroom is a parent's dream come true. So, pick up a magazine to search childrens bedroom decor ideas or, better yet, read ahead for more inspiration. 

It's essential to create a colourful room for children where they can have their imagination, a place to learn, paint, and hide, and a place they will cherish for life. Decorating childrens bedrooms can be challenging, and if you are looking for inspiration, you are at the right place. 

Let’s get it started 

  • Let your imagination go with the flow 
  • As a mother of a child between 3 and 5 years, bedroom decoration is something you know within yourself. Mothers have a strong idea about what their child likes and dislikes. For example, long gone are the days when it was believed that boys like blue and girls like pink, now it's an era of experimenting with colours, patterns and prints according to their room design

    Instead of just painting the walls or placing a wallpaper, why not draw their loveable cartoon character. Bedroom interior design with a personalization touch like a note on a wall from a child's mother or their favourite nursery rhyme would remind them of you whenever they walk into the bedroom. It adds a personal touch while decorating your child’s bedroom.

  • Decide a practical layout when decorating your child's bedroom
  • Decide a practical layout when decorating your child's bedroom

    When a child ages between 3-5 years, it is advisable to babyproof their bedroom.Its a one time thing while decorating your child’s bedroom. The practicality comes when you decide to make the walls edges round, securing electric plugs and wooden flooring, so they dont get hurt. These tiny bedroom design ideas are essential when decorating your child's bedroom. Little things count the most. 

    Childrens bedroom decor versus practicality is a tricky thing to think about. But that doesn't mean you can't achieve it. Take a good look at the room and then answer these questions :

    • Do they have enough space to play around?
    • Can they hurt themselves by knocking into furniture?
    • Will a carpet secure the flooring, but what about spilling things?

    If the answer to these questions is yes, you are doing the right thing! When looking at childrens bedroom decor ideas, make sure the bed is placed next to the wall so that they have support from one side of the wall; what if they roll over (we pray they don't) at night. 

    The bedroom design of your child room should be safe and we can ensure the safety by covering the floor with thick carpets so they don't hurt themselves, and furniture edges should be covered with round baby proofing gadgets. These are efficient room decor ideas where you can be creative and artistic. To think about bedroom design for childrens room is a hassle itself so read ahead as we have made this journey easy for you.

  • Colour, colour and more colour 
  • Colour, colour and more colour

    When you think of a child's bedroom decorating ideas, the first thing that comes to your mind is colours everywhere: colourful furniture, walls, and essentials like their tables or chairs. Splash colours everywhere because why not? 

    A bright bedroom design will spark positive energy in your children, and you can make them learn about the colours as well. Rainbow coloured blinds instead of plain curtains would be easier to clean and shut with zero visibility of light coming in when they are sleeping. When taking charge of decorating your child’s bedroom there are a few pointers to be kept in mind, so read ahead as we discuss further the ideas

  • A dream bed for your child 
  • A dream bed for your child

    There are plenty of room decor ideas your child loves and one of them is their favorite chartered bed. For example, a car-shaped bed for a little racing driver or a princess themed bed for our pretty princess would be the perfect furniture to describe them. Childrens bedroom ideas are unlimited, and their say matters when deciding their choice of bed. 

    A peaceful sleep throughout the night is something we all want your child to have. So, spend those dollars on your child's first dream bed. Read ahead for more inspiration about room decor ideas.

    • Let your child's imagination take charge of their room
    Let your child's imagination take charge of their room

    As a child, we all wanted a fairy tale tent in the room to hide from our parents. It's a fantasy all children wish for, so why not make it true? Placing a teepee tent in the room is a perfect bedroom design idea. You can do bedroom decoration by adding the tent with stars and pillows,where they can be creative and comfortable. It would be a perfect corner for them to read a book or take a nap below the stars. 

    You could use plenty of childs room ideas filled with innovation and inspiration for your little one. The best part is there is no limitation on decorating your child's bedroom. It can be funky, cute and everything you ever wanted for your child. So, let us know which one is the best for your little one?


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