How Long Does a Mattress Last?

It's difficult to overstate the importance of choosing the right mattress based on your personal needs and preferences. You spend a reasonable amount of time in bed, so the mattress's quality matters. 

Mattress life is between 7 to 10 years. However, many variables can influence lifespan. They don't have an expiration date, but the best mattress can last for years until you feel the quality is not the same, you don't feel relaxed while sleeping on it, or it gets bump. 

Bed and mattress are lifetime investments that must be comfortable according to your preferences. You may get bored of your bed style, but a good mattress has a specific living space. 

Let’s look at the factors which play a role in changing your soft mattress. 

You Wake up with a Pain

You Wake up with a Pain

If you are waking up with back pain and discomfort sleep, then your mattress life is coming to an expiration date. Old mattresses lose their ability to support body weight properly, especially at the pressure points you need most, like the hips, lower back and neck. The best mattress for back pain can eliminate this pain, but even after changing sleeping position, the mattress feels saggy, so it's an indication that its time to buy a new one. Sharing your bed and mattress with someone also adds to how long your mattress can last. 

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Noticeable Wear and Tear

Next time you change your sheets, scan all over your soft mattress to check for any significant lumps, saggy spots, worn edges or rips in the materials. These indicate if the best foam mattress replacement days are near. Make sure to keep an eye on your mattress life and replace it asap if you see any tears. The sleep surface area will continue to wear down, and any tears will only improve, allowing more dirt to enter the mattress. 

Before purchasing another good mattress, check your current mattress's warranty. Most brands are willing to replace it with any manufacturing fault like excessive tears or sagging greater than 1 inch. 

You Sleep Better on Other Mattress 

You Sleep Better on Other Mattress

It may be hard to gauge if your best soft mattress is functioning well if you have nothing to compare it with. But if you sleep better on the best mattress topper and find you are getting much better sleep there, then it's time to upgrade your best mattress. 

Your Mattress is Dirty 

Even if you wash your sheets, use the best mattress topper and regularly clean the mattress, you still see its changing colour and look messy. There are hidden piles of dirt we can't see, like the buildup of dead skin cells, body oils, fluids, dust mites or fungal spores. If you notice any of these types of changes, then your mattress life is ending. People often go for the best memory foam mattress, which is incredibly soft and has a life expectancy of 10 years. They effectively avoid mould and pressure on your body weight within minutes. It returns to its original shape as soon as you get up from a soft mattress. 

The Actual Age of the Mattress

The standard mattress life is between 7 to 10 years, so if you think your mattress is reaching that point, it's time to change. If your bed and mattress start hitting these numbers, it's best to observe any changes to how it looks and feels. Before purchasing a new one, it's best to look at the mattress reviews to give the users a better idea about the product. We know a place to buy the best beds and mattresses according to your needs. Visit Billy's Beds, an authentic online store that provides the best foam mattress for your use. 

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There are many ways you can tell if your mattress life is reaching an expiration date, but the ones listed above are the apparent changes you can check for your mattress. The best mattress is the ones that can provide you comfort, avoid back pain and can last long. So, look for any changes and see mattress reviews before making a purchase.

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