How To Style A Super King Size Bed?

Have you ever slept in a hotel room and wondered if you could have the same super king size bed in your bedroom? Well, we all have and not to mention a snack bar fridge would be great as well. 

Before you ask how to dress a bed? We have sourced the internet and gathered some legit information from interior designers on how to style a bed. A set king size bed pillow set up with silky linens, a luxurious headboard, a comfy mattress, and a throw all count on king bed styling ideas.

Let's walk you through the best super king size bed styling ideas, and no, it's not just about stacking cushions but so much more, so stay tuned. 

What is a Super King Bed?

The difference between king and super king bed is the measurements. In the United States, a king-size bed is 76 by 80 inches, while a super king size bed is 72 by 78 inches. A super king size bed requires a custom-sized mattress that is thicker and longer than a standard-size mattress. No matter what the size is, to feel luxurious, it would be best if you had some valuable tips to style super king bed. 

Tips to Style Super King Bed

Ensure your Super King Size Bed Frame is Eye-Catching 

Ensure your Super King Size Bed Frame is Eye-Catching

Make sure your super king size bed frame is eye-catchy as it's the centrepiece of your bedroom. It would be best if you went for a golden solid structure or a bed with a canopy in a traditional scheme or a modern shaped brightly painted bed frame. Decorate the super king size bed frame with an upholstered headboard with a luxurious fabric that matches the theme of your bedroom. When considering how to dress a bed, make sure the headboard height is according to the room, shape, material and colour.  

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Pick Best King Size Bed Pillow Set Up and Cushions

Are you thinking of placing the pillows above or below the duvet cover? We say over as hotel rooms follow the same positioning pattern. It's one of the first things to mind when looking for tips to style super king bed. Smooth the duvet cover, then place pillows and cushions over the surface for a sleek, neat look. For cushions, we recommend sitting them smartly, symmetrically and upright so that they face the room. Placing them in front of the big pillows gives a luxurious feel and looks unique on a super king size bed. Picking out the best pillows in different sizes can be challenging, so make sure to do your research well before purchasing them.

Use Throws to Layer and Style your Super King Size Bed

The texture is essential when thinking about how to dress a bed. Layering in different textures with cozy woollen blankets, knitted cushions, and even a faux fur throw gives a luxurious vibe. It's one of the king bed styling ideas to use a throw on your bed even to cover the wrinkled duvet. Super king size bed looks luxurious, elegant and neat when there is a textured throw-on bed, so make sure to invest in one when layering your bed. 

Invest in a Best Super King Size Bed Quality Linen 

Invest in a Best Super King Size Bed Quality Linen

Linen and cotton are the best bedding material to dress a bed. The natural fabrics keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and look great on the bed. It is best to aim for a 300 to 400 thread count woven from the best quality sleep for a good night's sleep. Always check the label of the linen and the quality of the fabric before investing in the linen. It's also best to invest in different layers for your bed, such as a flat or a thin sheet, to dress your super king size bed. 

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You can always add extra materials to your super king size bed according to your bedroom theme. These items listed above are essentials regarding how to dress a bed. When it comes to tips to style a super king bed, you need to invest in a bed frame with a headboard, pillows, cushions, sheets and throws to finish the look. 

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