The Best Ways To Clean Your Home Furniture

Every furniture in the house, big or small, gets dirty with time if it is not cleaned on regular basis. 

This article has listed down ways that how you can clean your home furniture, including couches, kitchen stoves or windows. At the same time, we focus on cleaning the obvious things like the floor, counters and making the bed, but we often tend to forget to clean the furniture. 

Cleaning furniture can be a tiring process, and sometimes we don't manage to remove stubborn stains from our favourite furniture. There are few best furniture cleaning services who does an excellent job on cleaning furniture but may cost you an arm or a leg. 

There are plenty of helpful furniture cleaning tips online, but you must follow a routine to keep your furniture squeaky clean. Some ways to clean your home furniture might include your grandmother's baking soda recipe but believe us; it works like magic; it will be hard to tell if your furniture was ever stained. 

Wood furniture might need some polishing because every wood finishing is different. It's hard to have a one size fits all approach when it comes to wood furniture cleaning at home. 

We have listed different ways to clean your home furniture, so let's get on with it. 

How to Clean a Couch

How to Clean a Couch

Couches are the most tricky furniture to clean at home. The most easy way to clean upholstery is to follow the code mentioned on the underside of the furniture. It’s read like W, S, SW or X. 

W: Wet/water cleaning furniture only: You can clean your home furniture with diluted soap, upholstery cleaner or upholstery cleaning machines. 

S: Dry solvent cleaning only: Use a specialized upholstery easy to clean furniture cleaner for these fabrics, as water-based can cause damage to the material. 

SW: Dry solvent or wet cleaning: You can use dry or wet solvent methods to clean your home furniture. 

X: Professional or vacuum cleaning only: The couches should be vacuumed, or hire the best furniture cleaning service to tackle stain removal properly. 

How to Clean a Fabric Couch

  1. Brush the couch properly to dust and clean with a microfiber cloth to remove all the residue on the couch. 
  2. Applying baking soda is one of the ways to clean your home furniture . Let it sit for 20 mins, and then use a brush attachment vacuum to remove the soda. 
  3. While the soda sits on the couch, use an all-purpose cleaner for furniture cleaning at home. The purpose cleaner will remove the stubborn stains from the couch. 
  4. Let the fabric dry for some time so that all the products are dried up, and your furniture is clean. 

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How to Clean Wood Furniture

How to Clean Wood Furniture

While it may seem complicated to clean your wood furniture, a simple approach is always best. For starters, when purchasing wood furniture, always ask the vendor for furniture cleaning tips and how to take care of the piece. Every finish, stain and type of wood is different. So, what to use to clean furniture? 

  1. Microfiber cloth
  2. Mild dish soap
  3. Mineral spirits 
  4. Semi-solid furniture polish

Steps to clean the Furniture;

  1. Start by cleaning furniture with a barely damp microfiber cloth to remove dust particles. 
  2. If your wood furniture has sticky residue spots, add a drop of dish soap. It's the best thing to clean furniture. Use a microfiber cloth after dish soap to remove any sticky residue from the furniture. 
  3. If dish soap does not remove the residue, use a mineral spirit with a microfiber cloth to remove any stubborn stains. Cleaning furniture with mineral spirits will clean the residue like it was never there before. 
  4. Depending on the wood furniture, you need to apply wax to protect the cleaning furniture and maintain its shine. Wax is the best thing to clean furniture and maintain its polish for a more extended time. 

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You can follow many tips and tricks to clean your home furniture. You must follow different steps for wooden furniture, couches and fabric material. If you purchase an all-purpose cleaner, it's easy to clean furniture; spray the cleaner and use a microfiber cloth to wipe everything off. Do let us know if you find our steps useful. 

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