Top 6 Australian Made Mattresses (in 2022) - ultimate guide

Having a good mattress is essential for a good night's sleep. With our picks, you can get a restorative rest while focusing on mattresses designed, sourced, or built by Australians.

People who have back problems are also encouraged to use medicated mattresses specially designed for them. As you can see, the importance of a good mattress varies from person to person. 

Let's get into the top 6 best Australian made mattresses in 2022:

  • Koala 
  • Koala is a top-notch brand for mattresses. It's been in the market for a reasonable amount of time to know what customers want. They follow a policy: easy to buy, easy to try, and easy to return if you don't like the product. Koala mattresses are available in all sizes and can be returned if not desired. 

    Koala is the first inbox mattress fabricated with the best quality foam to provide a good sleep. The mattresses also have a ten years warranty. 

    • The delivery is fast within 6 hours 
    • The company provides 120-night trial and return policy 
    • Highly comfortable and suitable for everyone 
  • Hugo sleep mattresses
  • Hugo discovered two critical factors responsible for an excellent relaxed sleep in its early days. They are a) aligned with the spine while sleeping and b) regulated body temperature. They also offer a 3-month trial facility to satisfy customers with their purchase fully. Hugo sleep mattresses are four layered mattresses and one of Australia's most rated mattresses. It is composed of memory foam, transition foam, and high-density foam. 

    • The mattress is highly supportive for people with backaches.
    • Delivery is free all across Australia 
    • It comes with a three-month trial and a 10-year warranty. 
  • Sealy 
  • Sealy

    Sealy brand came up with a unique set of mattresses that are Posturepedic. Posturepedic means a mattress that can correct the sleep posture of individuals. The mattresses use a combination of foam layers and pocket coil springs to keep the spine in alignment during sleep, and there are also hybrid options with coil springs and gel-infused foams. They also give a 120 days trial for a person to test out mattresses. 

    • They are compatible with any bed base 
    • Many sizes available 
    • Corrects sleep posture 
  • Billy’s bed 
  • Billy's bed is a well-known online Australian bed seller. They specialize in many things, and mattresses are one of them. Their mattresses are foam infused with gel that regulates your body temperature more effectively than a standard foam mattress. They offer a 5-year warranty plan to the customers. They have a 60 days return policy with no questions asked.

    • Available in all sizes 
    • It can be delivered to your doorstep 
    • 60-day return policy 
  • Sleepmaker 
  • Sleepmaker

    The SleepMaker mattresses are mainly hybrid memory foam and Dunlop latex. The mattresses are designed to look after backaches and sleep posture, and firmness. The users have voted five stars on their mattresses, and the sleepmaker lifestyle plush mattress is one the finest amongst all. 

    • It's good for sleep posture 
    • Available in all sizes
    • Sleep maker is Australia's largest bedding manufacturer. 
  • Sommuto 
  • Sommuto mattresses are made up of foam, and they contain three layers of foam for adequate comfort. MEMair Breeze is used as the first layer, alleviating the pressure points throughout the body. High resilience is the second layer, while the high-density core is the third.

    • The company offer 120 nights trail 
    • They have ten years of warranty.
    • The mattress cover is removable and can be washed.


    A goodnight's sleep is an essential part of our life, and to make that happen, we need a good firm mattress to sleep on. These companies make firm mattresses where users are given a 120 day night trial to test the product and return if not liked. 

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