Top Interior Design Tips For Small Apartments

Are you living in a tiny apartment but don't want to feel like you are living inside a box? Decorating a small place can be a challenge as you wish to fit maximum useful things but at the same time don't want the place to look cluttered. 

Whether you're living in a studio apartment or choosing to live in a more minimalist existence, you don't need to compromise on your style. Your apartment may be short on space, but that doesn't mean it has to be short on style.

Let’s get into how you can decorate your small apartment:

  • Use your place vertically 
  • Use your place vertically

    You can make a room seem larger and broader just by utilizing vertical spaces of your room. Using these spaces in the room will give you the illusion of a wide-spaced room. 

    Installing floating shelves is great way of using space vertically. It can serve a storage purpose, and you can decorate it with cute boxes or baskets to hide the clutter. 

    Even small things like placing a curtain rod near the ceiling rather than just placing it above the window are ways to grab attention upwards.

  • Dual-purpose furniture 
  • Dual-purpose furniture

    When dealing with small space, every inch counts! Investing in dual-purpose furniture will give you the luxury to save space, and it will serve the purpose of using two-in-one furniture ethics. Bedrooms are the perfect place to have dual-purpose small space furniture like a sofa bed, gas lift bed or storage furniture. 

    Investing into a sofa bed is efficient and useful when living in a smaller apartment. It can be placed anywhere and be converted into a bed and back to sofa in no time. You can customize it if you want a smaller couch according to your apartment .

    Gaslift beds are also a very convenient option to consider when buying dual-purpose furniture. It allows you to store your belongings underneath the bed, and it's a brilliant idea to organize your things in one place. 

    Bedroom seating like ottoman serves as storage furniture for small spaces, and they look exceptional at the periphery of the bed. The ottoman seat has a soft cushiony seat, and underneath is a storage place. These types of furniture can have the purpose of storing books or magazines. 

  • Oversized mirrors 
  • Oversized mirrors

    Mirrors can deliver a phantasm of creating your room's prominent appearance. They create an illusion of intensity as they bounce light inside the room. Placing oversized mirrors on an empty wall makes you feel the space is more extensive. 

    Decorating the wall with different shapes and sizes of the mirror will enhance your room and trick you into thinking the room looks more prominent in size. 

  • Usage of light color walls
  • Light and bright walls give an illusion of making the room look bigger and more spacious. Whereas dark-colored walls absorb light, making the room look smaller. For optimum effect, go with softer tone colors, like pastels, white or off-white. The wall paint will maximize the natural light coming in and make the room look airier.

  • Multiple purpose room
  • When living in a small apartment, you need to think smartly about utilizing your space. One thing that most people do is use their rooms for multiple purposes. For example, buy a folding dining table and place it in your living room when needed. It's an efficient way to use the space for different purposes.

    You can use your bedroom for multiple purposes as well, like placing a sofa bed in the bedroom would give you the luxury to use the room for living room in the daytime and that couch can be turned into a bed at night. 

    These are some simple steps one can take to decorate a small apartment. Simple hacks give you the luxury to design the place according to your preferences and, at the same time, utilize your home efficiently. 


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