What is Billy's Bed 100% Polyester Fabric Best For.

Who doesn't like a soft textured bed or a comfy ottoman? Well, polyester is one of the fabrics which gives you a soft and silky feeling.

Have you ever thought about why most people prefer polyester in the first place? There are several reasons that we are here to explore:

Benefits of polyester

Benefits of polyester
  • It's durable. Polyester fabrics are solid and stable as they dont tear, stretch or pull easily. 
  • It's moisture-resistant. Polyester fibres resist liquid droplets, meaning that the fabric will wick away moisture rather than soak it up.
  • It retains its shape. Polyester is a wrinkle-free fabric that will remain the same no matter how much it's been used. It retains its shape. The texture allows the material to hold its shape and doesn't drape. Thats why it looks good as new everytime.
  • It is non-biodegradable. Many fabrics are biodegradable, breaking down in environmentally friendly landfills. Meanwhile, In terms of longetivity polyester is non-biodegradable and doesn't break down quickly. It is non-biodegradable.

Where to find authentic polyester fabric?

Billy's bed is one place offering 100% polyester fabric for their customers. They offer Vegas fabric which is 100% polyester, plain fabric suitable for all types of furniture, i.e. bed heads, bed seaters or upholstery sofas.

How can we use Vegas fabric?

How can we use Vegas fabric?

Vegas is a contemporary plain fabric designed to impress with an extensive palette of striking colours, including fashion pastels, prominent brights, and earthy neutrals. It can be used for multiple purposes. 

  • Bed heads: Vegas fabric is highly versatile to be used in bed heads. They are available in a variety of colours to choose from. Billy's bed offers a free sample delivery for their customers to look at the fabric and decide which one to purchase. 
  • Bed seater: The Vegas fabric gives you plenty of options to choose the right colour of your desired bedroom seater to go along with your room. The good thing about this fabric is that it's 100% polyester and will last long. 
  • Upholstery fabric for chairs: The Vegas fabric is excellent for upholstered chair fabric. Polyester retains its shape and is wrinkle resistant. 


Polyester fabric has a lot of advantages and beneficial use, making it the most popular material. Polyesters blend smoothly with other fabrics like cotton, and their durability makes the fabric be used in most of the furniture. Many high-end brands use polyester in their collections to increase durability, ease of care, and stimulating effects. It is best advised to order a sample fabric first to check out the quality and then decide your order. 

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