What is Optima fabric and its features?

In a world full of fabrics and patterns, there are unique combinations of materials. Optima fabric is one of them. Let's get into what is Optima fabric?

What is Optima Fabric?

Optima Fabric is a fabric made up of 80% polyester 20% nylon. It's a combination of fabric mixed, which gives a comfortable yet durable material. 

What is nylon fabric most known for?

Nylon is a polymer, meaning it is a plastic with a molecular structure of many similar units bonded together. Nylon has an excellent elasticity feature that retains its shape even when stretched to the limit. It is also resistant to heat which makes it widely used for activewear. 

  • It is durable 
  • It can stretch and is very elastic
  • Resistant to tears and abrasions
  • It is resistant to heat and water 
  • The fabric melts instead of catching fire

Benefits of polyester 

  • It's durable. Polyester fabrics are solid and stable as they dont tear, stretch or pull easily. 
  • It's moisture-resistant. Polyester fibers resist liquid droplets, meaning that the fabric will wick away moisture rather than soak it up.
  • It retains its shape. Polyester is a wrinkle-free fabric that will remain the same no matter how much it's been used. It maintains its shape. The texture allows the material to hold its shape and doesn't drape. That's why it looks good as new every time.
  • It is non-biodegradable. Many fabrics are biodegradable, breaking down in environmentally friendly landfills. Meanwhile, polyester is non-biodegradable and doesn't break down quickly in terms of longevity. It is non-biodegradable

Where is Optima Fabric used?

Optima fabric is designed to create a timeless aesthetic, combining subtle textures and a comprehensive colour palette of rich modern hues that evoke an organic feel that can be refined and relaxed. Billy's bed has introduced optima fabric to be used for furniture purposes. The bedhead, bed base, and bed frames are made out of optima fabric.

Where does optima fabric suit the best?

Optima fabric is mostly used in bed heads, bed frames and bed bases. But, it is not limited to these furniture sets. It is most suitable for bed doubles, single or king-sized beds. It is most suited for families living together or students sharing apartments as this fabric is durable and retains its shape. It is even suitable for a household with children. This fabric contains nylon that can resist tears and abrasions, so it is safe to be used around children. 


Nylon is used a lot in apparel and furniture. The ability to stretch and resist heat makes it a good choice for activewear. Nylon combined with polyester is widely used in all kinds of apparel, carpets, drapes, bedding, and some industrial use. They both combined become Optima fabric, which is indeed most durable, very elastic, and has various unique characteristics. Billy's bed is well known to design the material to be used for bed heads, bed bases and bed frames. 

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