Winter warmers: how to rethink your luxury bedroom for winter

As the leaves flurry down from the trees, the temperature dips to "sweater weather", and snowfall from the sky; as magical as it sounds, we know "Winter is coming". 

It's the season when you sip coffee while snuggled into your luxury bedroom for winter. It's time to revamp your winter room design and redecorate your room into a cozy wonderland. 

Your winter wonderland might not have snow, but it can have dim lights, long curtains, velvet sheets or fluffy rugs. Your winter luxury bedroom should be perfect for welcoming the cold breeze and snowflakes. 

Let's list down some styling tips to design your room for winters and welcome the cold breeze with open doors. (Not literally).

  • Think about what will you step on when getting out of your luxury bed
Think about what will you step on when getting out of your luxury bed

Who doesn't love super-soft rugs under their feet? We all do when we know how cold the flooring is in winters. Your winter bedroom is incomplete if you don't have neutral pallet rugs in the room. To design luxury room, consider having a Fluffy rug that shall give your room a perfect cozy vibe. You can even place your rug near a fireplace in the room and sip on hot chocolate; it's the best sweet ending of the day we all wish to have.

  • Velvet, velvet and velvet – a luxury room affair 
  • Make your room overload with velvet dark shaded colour pallets. Upholstered velvet bed heads give a very luxury bedroom vibe, and not to mention, you will feel royal while being in your room. Go over the place with velvet everywhere in the room, so stack up those velvet quilts and throws to have luxury winter bedding in your room. 

  • Dim those lights for a calm environment
  • Dim those lights for a calm environment

    Lights create a calm environment, which is essential in a winter room design, ensuring a night of peaceful sleep and relaxed surroundings after a long day. Good lighting is a transitional factor in any room; let it be your luxury bedroom. Starting with overhead lights, side lamps, reading lights or soft night lights. Winters and lightning go hand in hand when creating a calm environment. So, dim those lights, snuggle up and be ready to Netflix with your loved ones. 

  • Window cover ups to have a perfect winter bedroom
  • A sheer light curtain with a thick material drape on the side is a perfect combination of privacy and comfort for winter window dressing. Your luxury bedroom design must include a full-length curtain to add colour and texture. Curtains not only add a sense of luxury room but stop any bleed of light from a blackout blind if you prefer to sleep in pitch black. 

  • Declutter your space to design a luxury bedroom for winter

    Declutter your space to design a luxury bedroom for winter

    Declutter your space and make your room a space to walk around, breathe and relax. A decluttered room helps you relax and feel fresh as everything is intact and organized. Speaking of organizing, empty your summer closet and bring out your coats, cozy sweaters and socks for winter. 

    Why not try Billy's bed gas lift beds if you run out of space for extra storage space. Make sure to store everything in place so that your room declutters at the end of the day. 

    The final verdict is to design your room according to your preferences and winter requirements. Having a luxury bedroom in winter is a blessing as you get to enjoy coffee near a fireplace, comfy bed heads to lay back your head and luxury winter bedding to snuggle in with your loved ones. We wish you happy winters! 

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