Mumma Bear's Plush Mattress
Mumma Bear's Plush Mattress Mumma Bear's Plush Mattress Mumma Bear's Plush Mattress

The Mama Bear mattress is the softest in our range. Unlike Goldilocks, who wasn’t satisfied with the sheer softness of Mama Bear’s bed, you will love this mattress if softness is what you’re looking for. And don’t worry – the beauty of the Mama Bear is that it ensures sufficient support for those lying upon it, whilst delivering on softness at the same time. The Mama Bear achieves this by including a pillow top which supplements the pocket spring design.

All our mattresses are a five-zone micro pocket spring 

This design is preferred by chiropractors

A standard queen-sized spring mattress has an average of 390 coils – ours have 1000 coils!

Our mattresses have 2.5 x the support of a standard innerspring mattress

Minimal partner disturbance

Our mattresses are encased in a foam box construction.

  • This creates a nice sitting sleep surface
  • Sleep all the way to the edge of the bed

Gel memory foam

  • Originally designed and built by NASA to relieve pressure points 
  • Increase blood flow and decrease turning during the night
  • Foam infused with gel regulates your body temperature more effectively than a normal foam mattress does

Breathable wool blend quilt layer

  • Wool is one of the best natural regulators of heat available
  • Wool keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Backed with a 10-year guarantee
  • Australian-made foams (made to meet high standards)
  • GECA Approved (Good Environmental Choice Australia)


    Bed Type

    Measurements (cm)


     92 cm x 187 cm

    King Single

    106 cm x 203 cm


    137 cm x 187 cm


    153 cm x 203 cm


    183 cm x 203 cm

    Super King

    203ccm x 203 cm