Our Story

Billy was a rescue dog. Like all pets, he quickly became a part of the family. Everyone loved Billy, and there was nothing more that Billy loved than getting into bed with his family members.

Billy loved to go on walks, play fetch, and dig holes. He also had an unusual habit of climbing onto the roof, which you can imagine raised concern for people walking past.

We would frequently reassure anxious passers-by that Billy was fine. All it took was a Schmacko or a ball to tempt him down.

Sadly, Billy has now passed away. So, in honour of one the greatest pets there ever was, we’ve created Billy’s Beds.


For every bed head we sell, we make a donation to The Lost Dogs’ Home. All our products are named after some of the pets of our closest friends and relatives.

Our beds and bed heads are made using Warwick fabric. We manufacture right here in Australia, and are competitively priced even compared to the industry “big dogs”.

When you shop at Billy’s Beds, your money goes to where it’s needed the most.

Not only do our products enhance your sleeping experience, they also help make a difference in the lives of animals.

You can now sleep comfortably, all the while knowing that your money is making a difference.