The Lost Dogs' Home

At Billy’s Beds, we are proud to be supporters of The Lost Dogs’ Home. They deal with thousands of animals every day, with a whopping 93% of dogs reunited, rehomed or sent to rescue. 

On site, they have a dog-training facility and a veterinary clinic, so all the animals can be properly looked after.

Like our friends at The Lost Dogs’ Home, we love all animals great and small. We care about the lives of every creature that finds its way to The Lost Dogs’ Home.

For every bedhead we sell, we make a donation to The Lost Dogs’ Home. This money goes straight towards enhancing their facilities, and enriching the lives of their furry occupants.

Billy’s Beds was created to help those in need, so we feel that it is our duty to help The Lost Dogs’ Home. If you want to get more involved with their work, you can volunteer!

Visit their site and find out how you can make a difference in the lives of some truly special animals.