Alison - Optic
Alison - Optic Alison - Optic Alison - Optic Alison - Optic Alison - Optic

Alison is an indoor cat. She loves curling up on the couch with her owner and watching movies. She is a soft, cuddly and fluffy little cat. She particularly enjoys scratches under her chin and behind her ears. She presses her head and body into you the more you pat her. She also purrs loudly when you stroke her back. Her owners suspect it’s her way of saying “thanks”.

The design of the Alison bedhead incorporates a ribbed look with the winged sides defining the edges of the bed. This has the effect of creating a space within which you feel enclosed in comfort. The Alison is a versatile option, as its vertical lines pair nicely with a wide range of accents. Comfort meets style with the Alison bedhead.

However, Alison can also be a sassy cat. She is the queen of her domain. When her owner’s friends visit, Alison always keeps an eye on them. If the pets of these friends dare to enter Alison’s realm, she’ll watch them even more closely. Visiting pets soon learn that Alison values her personal space. She’s a silly cat, but a very cute one. She also likes to climb up the curtains, because — well, cats… you know?

Alison is available as a bedhead only, or it can be purchased with a slatted base, or with a four drawer base. Alison is made using Warwick fabric. Other fabrics are available upon request. Like all our products this bed is made to order in Australia. Billy’s Beds offers free shipping within Australia (for orders over $900).

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we also offer a 60-night returns policy, no questions asked. If you would like your bed head in another fabric or colour, please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help create something you love.

The Alison is not available with the Timmy Gas Lift Base.

The measurements

Bedhead only measurements
Double - 1300mm high x 1600mm wide x 300mm long
Queen - 1300mm deep x 1750mm wide x 300mm deep
King - 1300mm high x 2050mm wide x 300mm deep
Super King - 1300mm high x 2250mm wide x 300mm deep

Bedhead with slat base measurements
Double - 1300mm high x 1600mm wide x 2100mm long
Queen - 1300mm high x 1750mm wide x 2250mm long
King - 1300mm high x 2050mm wide x 2250mm long
Super King - 1300mm high x 2250mm wide x 2250mm long

The space between the slats is 8cm

4 drawer base measurements
Double - 380mm high x 1370mm wide x 1870mm long
Queen - 380mm high x 1530mm wide x 2050mm long
King - 380mm high x 1830mm wide x 2050mm long
Super King - 380mm high x 2030mm wide x 2050mm long

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