Timmy Gas Lift Base - SAND
Timmy Gas Lift Base - SAND Timmy Gas Lift Base - SAND Timmy Gas Lift Base - SAND
$1,299.00 $1,499.00

Like many dogs, Timmy is loyal. He eagerly awaits his owners’ return whenever they leave the house. If no one’s home, Timmy can be seen sitting at the gate, watching the world go by. He explodes with excitement at the sight of his owners and wastes no time in gritting the nearest toy in his mouth and plonking it down at his owners’ feet.

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King Single – 132.5cm high x 111cm wide x 209cm deep

Double – 132.5cm high x 141cm wide  x 193cm deep

Queen – 132.5cm high x 158cm wide x 209cm deep

King – 132.5cm high x 189cm wide x 209cm deep

The Timmy comes with two sideboards, foot end, 2 gas lift arms and slats. Upholstered fabric boards.  Black melamine internal finishes, metal tubular slats with flexi timber slats, 90kg gas lift arms (2 per product).

Like all our products, the Timmy Gas Lift Bed Base is made in Australia from the finest Warwick fabric. It is made to order and shipped within 14 days. Billy’s Beds offers free shipping within Australia. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we also offer a free 60 night returns policy, no questions asked. 

Unfortunately, Single and Super King sizes are unavailable. 

Please note the Timmy takes 4 weeks to make and there is assembly required.