Isaac - Mink
Isaac - Mink Isaac - Mink Isaac - Mink Isaac - Mink Isaac - Mink

Isaac is a mongrel — or as his owners like to say, “a melting pot of dog breeds”. He is a wild and free dog. Like clockwork, Isaac waits at the front door every morning at 7am for his daily walk. He’s happiest when he’s off-lead at the dog park. Isaac is a loving and caring dog. He loves everyone and anyone fortunate enough to cross his path — particularly children. Perhaps it’s his inner-protector, but Isaac gravitates towards kids, even among large crowds.

The design of the Isaac bedhead combines softness with elegance and luxury. The diamond accents distinguish this bedhead from others, giving it a truly unique look. Like its namesake, the Isaac bedhead has an inviting and welcoming feel about it. It can be an understated bedhead, or a statement piece. Whichever you choose is a matter for you, as this bedhead can be styled in a range of different ways.

Even when Isaac gets into trouble — such as when he steals an Ugg boot — his owners can’t help but love him. His naughtiness is just no match for his cuteness. His owners try to tell him off, but as soon as he realises that he’s done the wrong thing, he stops what he’s doing and sits. His tail goes straight between his legs, his ears fold back, and he looks up at his owners with the most unmistakable puppy eyes. His face is as guilty as sin, but cuteness is too much for his owners to maintain any strictness or discipline with him. For every stern word that his owners give him, there’s a kiss and a cuddle because, despite his tricks, he’s a good boy!

The Isaac is available as a bedhead only, or it can be purchased with a slat base, or with a four drawer base. The Isaac is made using Warwick fabric. Pictured here in the Vegas range. Like all our products this bed is made to order in Australia.

Billy’s Beds offers free shipping within Australia (for orders over $900). If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we also offer a 60-night returns policy, no questions asked. If you would like your bedhead in another fabric please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help create something you love.

The Isaac is not available with the Timmy Gas Lift Base.

The measurements

Bedhead only measurements
Double - 1200mm high x 1450mm wide x 130mm deep
Queen - 1200mm high x 1600mm wide x 130mm deep
King - 1200mm high x 1900mm wide x 130mm deep
Super King - 1200mm high x 2100mm wide x 130mm deep

Bedhead with slat base measurements
Double - 1200mm high x 1450mm wide x 2100mm long
Queen - 1200mm high x 1600mm wide x 2250mm long
King - 1200mm high x 1900mm wide x 2250mm long
Super King - 1200mm high x 2100mm wide x 2250mm long

The gap between the slats is 8cm

4 drawer base measurements
Double - 380mm high x 1370mm wide x 1870mm long
Queen - 380mm high x 1530mm wide x 2050mm long
King - 380mm high x 1830mm wide x 2050mm long
Super King - 380mm high x 2030mm wide x 2050mm long

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