The Arthur (Chair) - Buttercup
The Arthur (Chair) - Buttercup The Arthur (Chair) - Buttercup The Arthur (Chair) - Buttercup
Arthur is an old Border Collie. He is as loyal as he is wise. Arthur loves to meet his old pals at the dog park each morning, to catch up on the goings-on of the dog world.
Once Arthur has satisfied his daily dog-park needs, he trots home and curls up on his dog bed in front of the fireplace.

Sometimes, Arthur’s owner will sit in his armchair and read a book. When Arthur sees this, he gets up, walks over, and plonks himself at his owner’s feet. As long as Arthur is near his owner, he is happy. There’s not much more that this dog needs (maybe the odd pat here and there!).

We’ve named the Arthur Armchair after this beautiful old boy because it encapsulates the finer joys in life that our friend Arthur knows and loves so much. Whether it’s kicking back in an armchair with a good book, or sitting at your owner’s feet just to be close to the ones you love. We know that you’ll get as much enjoyment and comfort from this armchair as dear old Arthur gets from sitting near one.

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The measurements - 1030mm high x 750mm wide x 700mm deep