The Florence (Kids Bed) - Thunder Flint
The Florence (Kids Bed) - Thunder Flint The Florence (Kids Bed) - Thunder Flint The Florence (Kids Bed) - Thunder Flint
Florence is a Highland Terrier. She is a cheeky little devil, and is always up to mischief. She chews her owners’ shoes (much to their horror) and buries them in the backyard. When Florence gets in trouble, however, she knows how to use her puppy dog eyes all too well, and her owners can’t help but forgive her – time after time…

Florence is also very adventurous. She will often escape from the backyard and take herself off on a journey around the neighbourhood. Surprisingly, she always manages to find her way home.

On one occasion, Florence was asleep on her owners’ bed. It was the middle of the night, and in her deep slumber, Florence rolled off the bed and fell onto the floor. In doing so, poor Florence broke one of her ankles. Her owners rushed her to the vet, who bandaged up her paw and fitted her with a cone of shame. It wasn’t one of Florence’s finest moments, but it sums up how chaotic life can be with this pup in your life.

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Single - 1130mm high x 1100mm wide x 2050mm deep
King Single - 1130mm high x 1250mm wide x 2180mm long