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Timmy Gas Lift Base - LILAC
Timmy Gas Lift Base - LILAC Timmy Gas Lift Base - LILAC Timmy Gas Lift Base - LILAC Timmy Gas Lift Base - LILAC
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Timmy is a cheeky little sausage dog. One of his favourite things to do is hop into bed with his owners. Once Timmy gets comfortable, there’s not much that’ll move him… except food. Even the faintest rustle of his food bag will prick Timmy’s big ears and trigger him to bound over to his food.

Little Timmy is fond of all tastes and flavours, including those of human food. No matter the temperature or the type, Timmy is not one to hesitate when it comes to scoffing down his meal. This is why his owners have to be careful not to give him hot food, as not even a burnt mouth will stop Timmy from devouring his tucker.

If Timmy isn’t woofing down food, or snuggling up in bed, the chances are he’s playing in the garden. As much as he loves to spend time running around the backyard, he doesn’t seem to mind trampling all over his owner’s veggie garden. If there’s a plant that’s looking healthy, Timmy will quickly see to ripping it out of the ground and running around the garden with it his mouth.

Timmy also has an intuitive sense for birthdays. Much to the amazement of his owners, little Timmy somehow seems to know if it’s someone’s birthday. Timmy will give the birthday boy or girl all the attention to the exclusion of everyone else. This may be an indication of his love for everyone, but it could also be his attempt at reclaiming the attention typically enjoyed by the person celebrating their birthday.

Like many dogs, Timmy is loyal. He eagerly awaits his owners’ return whenever they leave the house. If no one’s home, Timmy can be seen sitting at the gate, watching the world go by. He explodes with excitement at the sight of his owners and wastes no time in gritting the nearest toy in his mouth and plonking it down at his owners’ feet.

We’ve named this bed after dear little Timmy as it hosts an abundance of storage space within the bedframe. As a bed time enthusiast, Timmy derives great enjoyment from finding all manner of nooks and crannies to sleep in. This bed is perfect for someone like Timmy, who appreciates a smart use of space, albeit hidden away under a comfy and cosy bed.

Like all our products, Timmy's bed head is made in Australia from Warwick fabrics Optima range. It is made to order, and shipped in around 21 days. Billy’s Beds offers free shipping within Australia ( over $900 ). If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we also offer a free 60 night returns policy, no questions asked.

The measurements:
King Single – 111cm wide x 209cm long x 32.5cm high
Double – 141cm wide x 193cm long x 32.5cm high
Queen – 158cm wide x 209cm long x 32.5cm high
King – 189cm wide x 209cm long x 32.5cm high

Unfortunately, Single and Super King sizes are unavailable. Please note the Timmy takes 4 weeks to manufacture, and some assembly is required. If you would like a Timmy in another fabric please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help create something you love.

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