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Corey's Bed Head - Evergreen
Corey's Bed Head - Evergreen Corey's Bed Head - Evergreen Corey's Bed Head - Evergreen Corey's Bed Head - Evergreen

Corey is a beautiful, sleek, and incredibly agile greyhound. True to his breed, Corey adores leaping and bounding across fields and along beaches. Presented with any open stretch of land that Corey deems good for running, and he’ll be off…

The Corey bedhead is an ode to the beauty and talent of this great animal. As you dream of Corey reaching top speed with grace and ease, his short fur enabling an aerodynamic thrust passed the blur of his surroundings, you’ll be resting in comfort. With perhaps just the occasional twitch. This bedhead’s design includes the aesthetically pleasing, soft flanged edging – mirroring Corey’s beautiful, smooth coat and soft, yet determined, personality. A winning combination!

Corey’s power, agility and strength all serve him well when he runs at full throttle. His favourite pastime. However, his elongated features can make Corey a bit of a clutz! When this long boy needs a pat and a cuddle, he’ll often collapse into his parents’ laps, with his long limbs and clumsiness making for an interesting experience. You can imagine the scene – with his front legs bent, and his knees jutting into his parents in every which way possible. But determined Corey will ensure he gets the cuddle he deserves. Even at the expense of his parents’ comfort, and an inconvenient distraction from their favourite Netflix drama.

And when Corey tries to join his parents sleeping, he can’t help but wake them both up as he stumbles over their legs and feet, arms and faces, treading across the mess of humans and bedding, dropping heavily into a spot that anyone else would deem waaaaay too small for this sleepyhead. But for Corey, being close to his parents is all that matters, no matter the cost to comfort that they all must endure. He obviously doesn’t know the rhyme about ‘three in the bed, and the little one said roll over…’ He ain’t goin’ nowhere!

Like all our products, our Corey bedhead is made in Australia using Warwick fabrics. Other fabrics are available upon request. Billy’s Beds offers free shipping within Australia ( over $900 ). If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we also offer a 60 night returns policy, no questions asked.

The measurements:
Single - 130cm high x 95cm wide x 8.5cm deep
King Single - 130cm high x 124cm wide x 8.5cm deep
Double - 130cm high x 155cm wide x 8.5cm deep
Queen - 130cm high x 174cm wide x 8.5cm deep
King - 130cm high x 203cm wide x 8.5cm deep
Super King - 130cm high x 232cm wide x 8.5cm deep

If you would like a Corey in another fabric please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help create something you love.

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