Optima Fabric

Soft, lush and inviting, this dynamic upholstery plain is a contemporary fusion of texture and colour, offering sophisticated style without compromising on durability.

OPTIMA is designed to create a timeless aesthetic, combining subtle textures and a comprehensive colour palette of rich modern hues evokes an organic feel that can be both refined and relaxed. 

Pastel colours like Lilac and Seafoam are soft and pretty shades with a beautifully relaxed mood, while Jewel tones including Beetroot and Teal exhibit lively characteristics with a captivating aesthetic that is bold yet on-trend. Brick and Evergreen are examples of earthy colourways with a modern feel, and core neutrals such as Oatmeal and Steel complete the colour palette by offering versatile shades that can be paired with warm tones, cool hues and bright statement colours.

A fire rated quality that is also protected by the HALO characteristics of high performance and easy cleanability, this modern plain is ideal for upholstery applications in both residential interiors and heavy commercial environments. 

Optima fabric is easy care 80% polyester 20% nylon.

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