Custom Bed Heads Online

Are you looking to change the décor in your bedroom? Perhaps you are planning a stylistic refresh of the entire room for the summer or winter season, or maybe you are purchasing a king size bed and need a new king size Bed Head to match.

Billys Beds has a wide range of bedheads - all locally made in our Australian factory. We design and manufacture custom bedheads around Australia using premium-quality materials. When you buy a custom-built bed head from Billy's Beds, there is free delivery for orders of $900 or more. Check out our range of bed heads to find the right one for your next bed. ..

Tom's Custom Bed Head

When it comes to headboards online, you will not find an option more versatile than the Tom bed head. This upholstered bedhead can be covered in any colour of Warwick's fabrics. There are no embellishments to interrupt the streamlined look. Whether you have a standard single bed or an expansive super king bed, Tom is sure to match your decor.

George's Custom Bed Head

One of our most popular bed heads is George's bed head. Slightly lower than the Tom, this bedhead not only looks elegant, but feels great too. This means that when you want to sit up in bed, you have a comfortable place to lean against. George is available in all sizes, and each George bed head is made utilising Australian products.

Alex's Custom Bed Head

For a bit of flair, Alex's bed head is a great choice. With this bed head, the upholstered back is accented with buttons. These buttons provide a subtle texture to add visual interest to the look. Like many of our other headboards online, Alex is available in all sizes from single to super king. Be sure to select your choice of Warwick fabric to create a fully personalised look for your order.

Andy's Custom Bed Head

Andy's is easy to customise in terms of size and colour. It can be purchased in any size, and the colour selection is just as good. Whatever you choose, Andy is lightly accented with puckering at key points. This provides a touch of definition for your bedroom.

Samantha's Custom Bed Head

For a bolder look, Samantha's the option for you. Made in Australia using Warwick fabric, Samantha's bed head features stitching using a contrasting colour. This stitching provides additional depth to the design, making this an attractive choice. Samantha is available in all standard sizes.

Tom's Bed Head

George's Bed Head

Alex's Bed Head

Andy's Bed Head

Samantha's Bed Head

Brigid's Bed Head

Corey's Bed Head

Hannah's Bed Head

Ruby's Bed Head

Steve's Bed Head

William's Bed Head

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