• A) A residential address, the access of which, does not involves stairs/lifts/restricted access/or dangerous OH/S conditions. Failure to comply with the aforementioned will render you liable to incur any additional costs, to be determined by the removalist. We also reserve the right to postpone/cancel the delivery and withhold any item/s until compliance with the above delivery conditions has been met. Free delivery is for the act of delivering door to door. Should you require additonal services for your delivery, please contact Billys Beds for a quote.
  • B) It is up to you to ensure that when delivery date and time are agreed upon, you must ensure someone will be at the address-as supplied by you- to receive the item/s. Any delay and or inability to honour this condition shall render you liable for any costs incurred as a result.
  • C) Whilst Billys Beds shall endeavour to provide you with a delivery date, which suits you, we cannot and do not guarantee, that this may change, due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • D) Our Free of charge deliveryis for the act of DELIVERING THE FURNITURE ONLY and does not include assembly/disassembly/the movement of any existing furniture or the removal of any packaging material. For any charges regarding these exceptions, please contact Billys Beds directly.
  • E) Our deliveryis based on a Mon-Fri weekday rate between the hours of 8am-5pm depending on the courier used for your area. Any deliveries required which do not fall within these days and times, will incur additional costs, to be determined by the removalist.
  • F) Whilst we do our best to ensure that any items delivered to you should be free of any defects, due to multiple handling and transportation, a situation may arise where this occurs. It is up to you to inspect the item/s received and notify Billys Beds within 7 days of delivery of the item/s, should there be any such defect/s. Failure to do so, may leave you liable for any recovery costs incurred in the assessment and transportation back to our warehouse and may compromise any future claim/s made against the warranty.
  • G) Whilst we are happy to arrange delivery of any item/s purchased from us, Billys Beds is not affiliated in any way with any delivery company and as such, we cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage to your property or person incurred or sustained by you as a result of the actions of the delivery company. Any claims arising as a result of the actions of the delivery company, should be taken up directly with them.
  • H) Whilst we do offer free delivery Australia wide, there are postcodes where the cost is prohibitive. In this case we will ask you if you would like to make up the shortfall, or you will be able to cancel your order no questions asked, before production starts.


Please ensure you carefully read and understand all the Terms and Conditions.