Brigid's Bed Head - Navy

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Velvet Maxwell's 4 Drawer Bed Base - Navy

Although an outsider might view Brigid as a stern disciplinarian to her young pups, it is often a misunderstanding of the nature of canine motherhood. Don’t misinterpret her snarling and play fighting as cause for concern – Brigid the spaniel is doing her best to teach her young about the different forms of interaction her pups will experience throughout their lives. 

The measurements:

Single - 130cm high x 107cm wide x 8.5cm deep

King Single - 130cm high x 124cm wide x 8.5cm deep

Double - 130cm high x 155cm wide  x 8.5cm deep

Queen - 130cm high x 174cm wide x 8.5cm deep

King - 130cm high x 203cm wide x 8.5cm deep

Super King - 132cm high x 232cm wide x 8.5cm deep

Our Brigid bed heads are made using the Plush range from Warwick Fabrics. If you would like a Brigid in another fabric please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help create something you love.