Hannah's Bed Head - Macadamia
Hannah's Bed Head - Macadamia Hannah's Bed Head - Macadamia Hannah's Bed Head - Macadamia

As you contemplate the Hannah bedhead’s ‘blank canvas’ design, you’ll be reminded that there is a lot of unique personality that can shine through once Hannah has warmed to you. Once the Hannah bedhead is in situ, it provides a hugely irresistible opportunity for your personal flare to emerge and thrive. This blank canvas enables your favourite taste and design to come together in your very own personalised sleeping space. Whatever your style and preference, the Hannah bedhead will facilitate. Go on, surprise us! Tap into those creative urges sitting beneath the surface, stimulated and shaped by your fascination with the repeating cycle of home reno shows. You’ll be amazed where a bedhead can lead you!

The measurements:

Double - 120cm high x 230cm wide  x 8.5cm deep

Queen - 120cm high x 249cm wide x 8.5cm deep

King - 120cm high x 278cm wide x 8.5cm deep

Super King - 120cm high x 307cm wide x 8.5cm deep

Our Hannah bed heads are made using the Optima range from Warwick Fabrics. If you would like a Hannah in another fabric please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help create something you love.