Tom's Bed Head - Caramel
Tom's Bed Head - Caramel Tom's Bed Head - Caramel Tom's Bed Head - Caramel

Tom is a black and white cat. His whiskers are his most glamourous feature, stretching far beyond the mere confines of his face. Tom has piercing yellow eyes, which see further than you think. Tom can be very mischievous, especially right before bed and early in the mornings. Tom loves his tucker, and will purr loudly when he’s about to be fed. As far as affection is concerned, Tom usually keeps a distance from his owners (who have not given up on trying to earn his love). However, when he knows there’s food up for grabs, Tommy will put on a loving façade all the way up until his food is in the bowl. From then on, Tom’s forgotten about everything except his yummy food.

Like the animal it’s named after, Tom’s Bedhead is straight to the point. There are no frills with Tommy the cat, so it’s only fitting that we take the same approach with his bedhead. The simplicity and style of this bedhead makes it perfect for any scenario. Its versatility and adaptability allows it to work well in any bedroom.

Like all our products, our Tom bedhead is made to order in Australia using Warwick fabrics. Other fabrics are available upon request. Billy’s Beds offers free shipping within Australia ( over $900 ). If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 60 night returns policy, no questions asked.

The measurements:
Single - 132cm high x 95cm wide x 8.5cm deep
King Single - 132 cm high x 115cm wide x 8.5cm deep
Double - 132cm high x 139cm wide x 8.5cm deep
Queen - 132cm high x 155cm wide x 8.5cm deep
King - 132cm high x 185cm wide x 8.5cm deep
Super King - 132cm high x 207cm wide x 8.5cm deep

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