William's Bed Head - Oatmeal

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Strangely enough, Will’s favourite toy seems to be the twins’ LEGO set, but for reasons quite different to what you might think. Whether he is mistaking the texture of LEGO for cat litter, or he has a fascination with the bright colours, who knows. One thing’s for certain though: it won’t be long before the twins realise Will has done his business in the LEGO! Again! This mischievous feline boy knows that it’s wrong, and downright unhygienic, yet he can’t resist going back again and again. And why is he constantly forgiven for this misdemeanour, you might ask? Because of his Siamese origins, and those tantalising, bewitching blue eyes... He’s just trying to join in with the twins’ fun and games.

The measurements:

Single - 113.5cm high x 107cm wide x 8.5cm deep

King Single - 113.5cm high x 124cm wide x 8.5cm deep

Double - 113.5cm high x 155cm wide  x 8.5cm deep

Queen - 113.5cm high x 174cm wide x 8.5cm deep

King - 113.5cm high x 203cm wide x 8.5cm deep

Super King - 113.5cm high x 232cm wide x 8.5cm deep

Our William bed heads are made using the Optima range from Warwick Fabrics. If you would like a William in another fabric please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help create something you love.